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Edraky's Innovations

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Drive, Feel, Own


  • Sales Volume Optimization: a streamlined test drive scheduling process enhances the likelihood of customers visiting and ultimately making a purchase.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: pre-scheduled test drives minimizes wait times at the dealership, contributing to an elevated and more seamless overall customer experience.

  • Operational Cost Efficiency: accurately organizing scheduled test drives, dealerships can strategically allocate sales staff and resources, leading to effective cost management and operational efficiency.


Allows dealerships to manage their test drive resources efficiently and provide a better customer experience.

It can help brands to:

  • Increase sales,

  • Improve customer satisfaction,

  • Reduce costs,

  • Improve efficiency.


Capture, Analyze, Act


  • Customer Satisfaction Enhancement: enable businesses to enhance customer satisfaction levels by pinpointing specific areas to improve overall customer experience.

  • Returning Customers Encouragement: identify customers showing signs of dissatisfaction, allowing businesses to proactively take measures to retain them and bolster customer loyalty.

  • Negative Word-Of-Mouth Mitigation: identify customers likely to engage in negative word-of-mouth, empowering businesses to address issues promptly and improve the overall customer sentiment.

  • Brand Reputation Enhancement: proactively work towards enhancing your brand reputation, showcasing a commitment to delivering a positive and satisfying customer experience.


Measures the likelihood of customers recommending your brand to friends & family, by identifying areas for improving your overall customer experience.

It can help brands to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction level,

  • Encourage returning customer,

  • Mitigate negative word-of-mouth,

  • Enhance brand reputation.


  • Concise Order Processing: simplify orders by combining vehicles with different colors into a single unit with distinct characteristics, improving efficiency in order management.

  • Adaptable Pricing and Sales: adjust pricing based on specifications; prices can vary according to entered details, offering flexibility in purchasing and sales processes.

  • Effortless Access to Specific Vehicles: make it easy for customers to find vehicles with specific attributes tailored to their preferences.

  • Streamlined Data Handling: simplify complex data by keeping the main vehicle model fixed and allowing changes to other characteristics.


Displays a selected list of vehicles that precisely match the customer's criteria, allowing them to select their favorite vehicle with any necessary customizations.

It can help brands to:

  • Concise order processing,

  • Adaptable pricing and sales,

  • Effortless access to specific vehicles,

  • Streamlined data handling.


Request, Book, Manage


  • Misallocation Prevention: ensures that spare parts in upcoming shipments are allocated and distributed based on bookings with reference to STOs, minimizing errors in allocation.

  • Demand Accuracy: ensuring accurate demand planning at the company level through a a comprehensive view of needed spare parts and the objects they are required for.

  • Customer Satisfaction Maintenance: precise delivery date calculations that helps in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries.

  • Operational Efficiency Enhancement: streamlines the entire spare parts supply chain, leading to better planning and resource allocation.


Empowers dealerships to proactively manage upcoming shipments, aligning them with current needs and fostering a streamlined supply chain process.

It can help brands to:

  • Prevent misallocation,

  • Accurately handle demand,

  • Maintain customer satisfaction,

  • Enhance operational efficiency.

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