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Abdulaziz Go-Live

Edraky worked hand in hand with Abdulaziz & Flamingo stores to turn their digital vision into an executable plan using the latest technology in the global market.

Now, Abdulaziz Stores celebrates the go-live of their S/4 HANA implementation on SAP’s private cloud. This success story is a testament to Abdulaziz Stores and Edraky’s team commitment to innovation and excellence. It is an inspiration to other retailers who are looking to digitize their business processes and stay ahead of today and tomorrow’s competition.


Edraky's Latest Story

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posses a clear vision to revolutionize their diverse portfolio of automotive, marines and construction solutions, which have operated successfully across various geographical locations within the kingdom of Saudi for many years.


Project "EPIC" represents Edraky and Najeeb Auto's well-defined roadmap to "Empower People through Innovative Change" to leave a significant impact on the Saudi Arabian market and the Gulf region. .

Through Edraky's implementation to SAP S/4 HANA Cloud & Proaxia's solutions, they will have the means to enhance efficiency and continuously strive for improvement, ultimately delivering enhanced services to their valued customers.

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